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May. 12th, 2030


Samois is a private club located in San Francisco, California.

Twenty years ago, four close friends were looking for something that didn't exist, and over dinner one night, sketched out the initial idea. They worked hard to make it happen, and now Samois is visited by people from all over the world.

Now Samois has a world-class restaurant, a BDSM dungeon, themed and unthemed rooms, three bars, a spa area and gym, two concert rooms with stages where the in house band entertains you and sometimes a more well-known face might be on the stage, swingers' nights and a major event at least once a month.

Make your deepest fantasies come true at Samois.

Jun. 16th, 2029


Required for your application:

An IC journal.
An IC spam post.
An OOC contact post.
A bio or blurb or some basic character facts, it's your choice how you'd like to tell us a little about your character.
Kinks and limits for your character.
If applying for a sex worker, any kinks and limits that apply only with clients.
Examples aren't required.

It is recommended that your bio page be public/disable comments, OOC contact page be public/screened all comments, and all other entries be f-locked.

Please fill out the following.

Request membership to [info]samois and [info]samoisooc. Please do this on application.

If you haven't already, feel free to join [info]samoislines to make connections for your character.

Adds will be rolling for the first two weeks.

Samois Rules

This is a game. The object is to have fun. Respect all generally accepted RP rules. No godmodding, respect strikethroughs, and don't cross the IC/OOC line. We are adults.

Rules )

Jun. 19th, 2028

Samois Membership Levels

Emerald - basic club membership. Access to the club itself, restaurant, bar, entertainment area, matchmakers and burlesque dance shows.

Sapphire - first tier. Access to the escorts for single evening dates, stripper dance shows and all Emerald level access.

Diamond - second tier. Access to the escorts for longer arrangements, access to the sex workers booking pages for bookings within the club only, all Emerald and Sapphire level access.

Ruby - third tier. Access to the sex workers for mutual arrangements outside of the club, basically an escort with sex available. Access to the escorts and sex workers for vacation length arrangements. All other member level access.

Jun. 17th, 2028


What types of characters can be played?

The only limit is players' imagination. All characters are welcome, as long as they can fit into the club setting in some way. You can play club members with any occupation you want. The only restrictions on club staff are the manager positions, but other than that you can play any staff member you want.


May. 12th, 2020


All comments are screened.

Jul. 2nd, 2018

Very temporary taken list

Just until we can get the directory updated.

Taken pbs

Julian McMahon
Kate Beckinsale
Jennifer Lawrence
Dylan O'Brien
Allison Scagliotti
Jennifer Lopez
Hayley Atwell
Lara Pulver
Stanley Tucci
Tyler Posey

Jun. 24th, 2018


Note: Reposted from previous holds post. If any holds are missing or we have not made any requested changes, let us know in the dropbox.

Holds are for four days, with an optional extension of two days.

First hold for a position gets it. Consider holding another similar position or an assistant in the same area if someone holds your preferred position within the club. Or maybe join as a client?

You may hold up to two characters initially.

Any proxy holds will need a confirmation from the second player within 24 hours, particularly for those holding staff members.

See here for our extremely WIP cast list and ideas for characters to hold.

See here for information on membership levels.

All characters and pbs must be eighteen years of age or above.

Note: Sex workers were previously not an option as characters, they are an option now.

Feel free to join our lines comm [info]samoislines to find connections before opening.

Current holds:

Holland Roden/bartender
Alexander Siddig - head chef
Chris Evans - client
Paul Rudd - client
Jamie Chung - sex worker
Laura Dern - TBD
Gal Gadot - TBD

Jun. 23rd, 2018

Wanted lines

This page is for characters already in the game to post for specific wanted story lines. If you are not a member of the game, or are looking for more broad storyline connections, please post in [info]samoislines.

WANTED BY: Who wants them
SUGGESTED PBs: What they look like (optional)
DETAILS: Describe the line
CONTACT: Where to contact you for more details/discussion